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Evil Ted and the Thick Pink Antiseptic: Home

Hey, we're Evil Ted and the Thick Pink Antiseptic. We are a punk band based out of Palmer, Alaska. We claim that even though we do have a couple of geographically challenged members living in the Anchorage bowl. Got a gig coming up? I bet we would like to play at it. Why not ask?

What did 2011 bring? Some great shows. A trip to San Francisco to play with the Grannies (doesn't that just sound wrong). We lost our drummer and found a new one. Now we are writing new songs and getting ready to record again. This time bigger and better.

What does 2012 have to offer? Who knows, but we've had some great shows so far. Next up we are in the Second Annual A&R Showcase on March 30th.

Our first EP is out and available from band members or from our store.

Evil Ted-(HUGE)