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Evil Ted and the Thick Pink Antiseptic: Bio

The story of Evil Ted and the Thick Pink Antiseptic:
By Greg S.

Once upon a time I traded some ice cream and a few dollars for a ¾ bass guitar. I never learned to play it. It was furniture for the next twelve years when I finally gave it to Ken (our bassist). He had more time and motivation to learn how to play the bass. Flash forward to about a year ago.

While surfing the net, Ken came across L.J.’s (our guitarist) post looking for punk musicians to jam with in the valley. L.J. and I met at a local coffee shop to shoot the breeze. I picked him out of the crowd by his long hair and Misfits T-shirt… we had some Guinness instead. Throw Spencer (our drummer, my brother-in-law) into the mix with me singing and you’ve got a band. I should have stuck with that bass.

We spent a couple of months rehearsing some covers. Our first “gig” was an annual Luau my wife and I host. It was an eight song set where 85% of the words were remembered and 90% of the music was played in time. Not too bad.

Our play list has grown quite a bit since then. We added some Misfits songs for Ken’s annual Halloween Party. As well as some more obscure punk covers. Our originals are short, fast and often lyrically adolescent with scattered adult themes, nothing blatantly offensive, just what some would call humor. We’re in it to have fun and to see our sparse crowd’s heads bobbing along and laughing at the quirkiness.

L.J. was in another band in Colorado when he was young. He even was an opener for Suicidal Tendencies. That scene gave him a much broader exposure to the punk scene than the rest of us who are life long Alaskans. Collectively we draw influence from The Ramones, The Misfits, The Angry Samoans, and many others. My personal lyric influence beyond the above includes The Descendents and The Bloodhound Gang.

Our immediate plans include a local show at least once a month and working through a backlog of originals that are half complete. We plan on doing more living room recordings soon so our MySpace ( offerings remain fresh. Check us out there, then check us out live.